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Maintaining a global perspective is essential for manufacturers to navigate the interconnected and complex world of global supply chains. Failing to recognize and appreciate the web that forms global manufacturing operations always leads to underperformance.

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Seraph’s Global Connectivity

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A supplier based in India has a subsidiary based in Finnish which is opening a new plant in Poland serving its Swedish customer’s plant in France. A Korean manufacturer builds a plant in Alabama to supply a German OEM’s American factory. Supply chain strategies that make sense on paper often are missing critical pieces when they are executed in new geographies. It is in these challenging scenarios that having an experienced team like Seraph, can make the difference between a successful transition and losing valuable time and revenue.  

Now more than ever, maintaining a global perspective is essential for manufacturers in today’s hyper-connected world. The web of businesses: global shipping lanes, countries, conflicts, and domestic policies has led to a world where the butterfly effect is more than poetic—it is reality. A lockdown in China, a breakdown of energy production in Eastern Europe, or an election in Brazil have ripple effects far beyond the borders of any given country. In everything we do, Seraph is acutely aware of the global nature of our clients’ work. 

This web of interconnected terminals is like a spider’s web—incredibly strong considering its material structure, but fragile under the pressures of black swan events. Our view of the world is woven into everything we do, and this global understanding impacts the way we work with our clients. The success they have days, months, and years after our departure is largely due to the perspective of each team member. Our global understanding helps us navigate and understand each client’s unique position, opportunities, threats, and more. 

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