Our Team

With decades of real-world industry experience and extensive knowledge in their respective areas, our team of consultants possess the wisdom and good judgment needed to help companies recover, stabilize, and grow. 

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Seraph’s Special Forces 

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In an age when information and data exist in abundance, what’s truly needed is good judgment and wisdom. These two characteristics, combined with the right data and information, lead to decisive action and sustained results. 

Our consulting experts possess extensive knowledge in their respective areas and the wisdom of how to apply it to help companies recover, stabilize, and grow. When you partner with us, you gain direct access to decades of real-life experience. Our wealth of expertise comes from years of experience in identifying the root causes of problems and creating actionable plans to restore prompt manufacturing operations and stakeholder confidence.

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Seraph’s Consulting Experts

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Seraph’s leadership team and engagement managers are made up of former COOs, plant managers, and VPs of Operations
in some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers.  

Ambrose Conroy
CEO & Founder

Wade Phillips
President - Europe

Richard Payne
Interim President - North America

Andrew Powch

Brian Fairchild
Sr. Director of Sales 
& Sales Operations

Amy Kroll
Director of Human

Jay Butler
Managing Director

Jack Caccioppo
Managing Director

Majid Arefi
Managing Director - Europe

Ingo Vernau 
Managing Director - Europe

Justin Fortier
Director of Marketing and Research

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