Ingo Vernau

Managing Director – Europe

About Ingo

Ingo Vernau is a Managing Director for Seraph’s Europe practice, leveraging over two decades of experience in manufacturing and production management. His career spans diverse roles, including senior consultancy and leadership positions across Europe. Ingo’s expertise lies in lean manufacturing, operational excellence, and transformative leadership.

Throughout his professional journey, Ingo has demonstrated exceptional leadership by spearheading value creating projects and implementing lean practices across various industries. His focus on continuous improvement and efficiency has significantly contributed to the success of the organizations he has worked with including Siemens, Rheinmetall, and NEMERA.

In his current role at Seraph, Ingo plays a crucial part in ensuring Seraph delivers strong results for clients.  

Areas of Expertise

Production Management,  Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Toyota Production System, Just-In-Time Production, Lean Process Improvement and Transformation, Leadership and Development, Technical Management

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