PRESIDENT – North America

About Thomas

Thomas Kowal is the President of Seraph North America and has been with the firm since early 2019. Prior to joining Seraph, Thomas had two decades of extensive management and sales operations experience in the automotive industry. He began his career at Brose, as a Plant Manager he doubled the size of the operation and launched multiple plants. He then became the North American Sales Director for Automotive Lighting and later for TI Automotive, where he was responsible for introducing new customers and product technology. 

As Seraph’s President, Thomas is passionate about making the US a global manufacturing powerhouse and believes that companies will need to reinvest in US and North American manufacturing in order to decouple from the East and West.  

He manages the Seraph team by ensuring that everyone is in the right seat to fully utilize their unique strengths. He leads by example with his unrelenting dedication to achieving superior results for our clients. Thomas values strong communication and goal alignment across the management team to maintain a productive and supportive work culture. 

Thomas holds a Bachelor of Aviation Science and Administration from Western Michigan University and a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University. He has also completed the Transition to General Management program at the INSEAD Institute in France and Singapore. His areas of expertise include operations, business development, project and team management. 

Areas of Expertise

Operations, Business Development, and Project and Team Management. 

Our Team


As an entrepreneurial company that supports new ideas, we have a broad surface area of partner companies, internal business development initiatives, and project opportunities, allowing our consultants, analysts, and operations specialists to develop their skills as they grow their roles.

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