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As an entrepreneurial company that supports new ideas, we have a broad surface area of partner companies, internal business development initiatives, and project opportunities, allowing our consultants, analysts, and operations specialists to develop their skills as they grow their roles. 

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Why Join Seraph

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Seraph is an expertise-driven management consulting and turnaround firm. We have an intense culture built on a foundation of respect – for each other, and our clients. 

Our projects almost always involve working directly onsite. Our consultants are team players and are as comfortable talking to people on the shop floor of a manufacturing plant as senior executives. We understand that each project represents a need and an urgency. The Seraph team is dedicated to working extra in the peak of a crisis to help our clients recover.

Because of our relentless focus, we have the privilege of solving our clients’ most difficult operational challenges. Where other firms may see investment and forecasted figures purely on paper, we put them into action. That means delivering new plants, new facilities, and new products for some of the largest industrial companies in the world. Many times, Seraph’s presence is the difference between success and failure on projects of massive scale.

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Our Culture and Values  

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Seraph exists to form a culture of instrumental change. Our foundation is built upon the expertise of our diverse team and the lasting, positive impacts they create.  

We believe that each of our team members is a valuable contributor to Seraph’s success and our ability to impact our clients in extraordinary ways. The Seraph team often works in environments that require careful navigation between existing teams and operations. With years of shared experiences, values, and goals, we can carefully inform how we work with our business partners to drive a positive path forward. 

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Life at Seraph

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Seraph typically works on a project basis. Teams and processes are adjusted accordingly to each client’s need, which means life at Seraph can look different from role to role, project to project.  

At Seraph, growth opportunities come from all around the globe. Working with multiple projects across international markets exposes our employees to different sets of expertise, that are translated later into further career advancement.   

Seraph strongly advocates for work without borders. Our team is located not only in the U.S. but also in Mexico, Europe, and Asia and always expanding. Consultants and analysts travel all over to be onsite following each step of our projects. In addition, local employees have a dynamic and flexible hybrid work model that allows them to manage their time better and consequently achieve more.  

At Seraph, days are always different, but our work is full of transformative changes for our team and for our clients.   

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Benefit Package Overview

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As we continue to grow, we continue to reward effort with greater opportunities. As an entrepreneurial company that supports new ideas, we have a broad surface area of partner companies, internal business development initiatives, and project opportunities, allowing our employees to develop their skills as they grow their roles. 

For our full-time employees, we provide: 

  • Medical, dental, and vision benefits 
  • Matched 401k contributions
  • 3 weeks+ of vacation 
  • $1,500+ available annually for paid professional development 

For experienced industry leaders and subject matter experts operating as sole proprietorships, we offer the opportunity to partner with our core team on projects.  We value long-term relationships and compensate our partners well with above-market day rates.

We are always looking for top operational talent, even when we don’t have active positions listed. Use the form below to submit your resume directly to our HR team.

Manufacturing Excellence Leadership Program

This program, an extension of the Operational Excellence Awards, is designed for students aspiring to pursue careers in manufacturing who wish to explore the automotive industry’s offerings.

“Our aim is to nurture the next generation of manufacturing and operational excellence leaders through an immersive, hands-on externship experience that exposes students to top operational companies.

We are seeking students who are studying manufacturing, industrial engineering, supply-chain and/or operations management.

We welcome applications from:
  • University undergraduates in their sophomore, junior or senior year.
  • Seniors in technical high schools.

Applicants must reside within the United States.

Four winning students will be selected to:
  • Attend an in-plant assessment (all travel expenses paid).
  • Receive a $1,000 scholarship.
  • Have a meet-and-greet with Seraph leadership.
  • Join us at the 2024 Operational Excellence Awards ceremony, where they will network with some of our industry’s top experts.

It’s an incredible opportunity!

The enrollment period starts on November 1, 2023, and continues through February 29, 2024. Visit to apply.

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