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The roots of Seraph’s experience are grounded in driving success for OEM operations. Our track record includes acute crisis management of supply chain capacity issues, as well as working proactively with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers to satisfy the demands of multiple automakers.

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But you can still join us at the Awards Banquet! The banquet will bring industry experts together to share best practices in an evening of celebration. Whether you are an OEM or supplier, or simply work in the automotive industry, all are welcome.

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The next decade promises to bring significant transformation to automotive manufacturing and the industry at large. OEMs working to preserve market share are shifting resources into R&D for autonomy, electrification and expanding connectivity, as new entrants launch their own facilities and give life to their own innovations.

While internal combustion engines (ICE) continue to drive the majority of profits for established automakers, investment allocation is focused on shifting the paradigm towards electric transportation. This presents significant obstacles to OEM infrastructure and supply chains. Striking a balance between maintaining production capacity while unlocking capital for R&D and M&A will prove to be vital for firms looking to remain relevant in a new age.

Our automotive consultants have collaborated with engineering teams to deliver complex systems and sub-assemblies, and have overseen plant relocations to ensure seamless transitions to restore and protect profitability. We view the shifting automotive landscape as an opportunity to unlock future value for our clients.

By building on the strengths of your organization while proactively protecting against the unexpected, our automotive consultants work to deliver solutions that keep you relevant and competitive.

Why Choose Seraph for Automotive Consulting

Seraph brings the right blend of experienced leaders and passionate operators together to form optimized teams for client projects. We solve problems on the frontline, targeting and shaping leadership, and leveraging our vast experience for hands-on evaluation and execution. Our teams’ years of industry experience enable us to face challenges, tackle problems, find solutions, work, and deliver results without wasting time.  

Every project is different, but we accomplish rapid results with the framework of our Four-Step Process and industry proven tools. Our approach works to find the source of your problem rather than simply identifying symptoms. Moving through your operations allows us to examine the granular details that will drive solutions tailored to your needs.  

Case Studies

Find out more about the companies who trusted Seraph to write their success stories.

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

INDUSTRY: AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES: Logistics; project  management;  Situation. An Automotive Just in Sequence plant was struggling with capacity constraints and quality issues producing seats as the OEM launched two new programs causing the production model to change from...

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Automotive Consulting Capabilities

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Crisis Management

Restructuring and Turn-Around


Mergers & Acquisitions

Project Management

Rapid Health Assessment

Relocation & Consolidation


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How We Work with the Automotive Industry

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Seraph brings decades of experience in senior operating roles at leading automotive suppliers. Composed of subject matter experts in quality, engineering, logistics and management, our team is built to quickly enact change under the most challenging of circumstances.  

Our people engage from the corporate office to the plant floor with true finesse. From new plant construction … to launch ramp-ups … to crisis management …  to relocation & consolidation, we possess the skills needed to address the imminent changes impacting the industry.  

Our Approach to Crisis Management

Our Rapid Assessment

Out team can deploy to your factory or production site, evaluate 250+ elements, and provide a clear set of risks and opportunities to you. 

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Automotive Industry by the Numbers

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of the top 15 global automotive OEMs served


automotive manufacturing projects completed

6 Month

average project payback

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Seraph’s Consulting Experts

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Seraph’s leadership team is made up of former COOs, plant managers, and VPs of Operations in some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers.  Our wealth of expertise comes from years of experience in identifying the root causes of problems and creating actionable plans to restore prompt manufacturing operations and stakeholder confidence.

Ambrose Conroy
CEO & Founder

Wade Phillips
President - Europe

Richard Payne
Interim President - North America

Andrew Powch

Brian Fairchild
Sr. Director of Sales 
& Sales Operations

Amy Kroll
Director of Human

Jay Butler
Managing Director

Jack Caccioppo
Managing Director

Majid Arefi
Managing Director - Europe

Ingo Vernau 
Managing Director - Europe

Justin Fortier
Director of Marketing and Research

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