Welcome To The 2023 Operational Excellence Awards

January 23, 2023

Seraph is embarking upon an initiative driven by our passion towards automotive manufacturing. The last three years have been a challenge for our industry — but exceptional suppliers have proven the importance of future-driven innovation, partnership, and quality.

The Seraph Operational Excellence Awards is a search across North America to recognize the best of the best in manufacturing. We are here to promote. Engage. And celebrate the world of North American automotive manufacturing suppliers.

The 2023 Operational Excellence Awards will bring our industry together to reward and celebrate operational excellence across 5 key categories:

  • Operations
  • Quality
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • Best Overall Supplier (awarded to the supplier that excels across all four categories)


Industry Experts

John Dunn

President, The Shyft Group

Michael Fayhe

CEO, DB Schenker

Chris Grabmiller

CEO, Staffbright

Jim Barberetta

General Manager, Brose

Gloria Blanchard

HR Manager, Brose

Kerry Curvey

HR Vice President, Purem


Seraph Experts


Thomas Kowal

President—North America

Richard Payne

Managing Director

Wade Phillips


Jay Butler

Managing Director

Entering your organization for a Seraph Operational Excellence Award can lead to national industry recognition, future partnership opportunities, and a new perspective on operational excellence.

Does your organization drive the future of automotive suppliers? Register for an Award by March 17, 2023. If your organization is selected as a finalist, members of the Seraph team will perform an on-site assessment of your operation. To learn more about the 2023 Seraph Operational Excellence Awards, visit www.seraphawards.com for additional information.


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