Baltimore Bridge Auto Impacts: Ambrose Conroy in The Washington Post

March 27, 2024

The tragic collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge has blocked ship access to the port of Baltimore until the debris can be cleared. Baltimore is the largest port for imports of autos and exports of heavy equipment. This will disrupt logistics operations for companies like Mercedes, Madza, Caterpillar and John Deere among others.

From the Washington Post:

“Baltimore’s the top port in the nation for automobile shipments, having imported and exported more than 750,000 vehicles in 2022, according to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, an industry group.

About three-quarters of the autos that travel through the port are imports, dominated by big-name brands, including Mazda and Mercedes-Benz. Most of the top companies have enough inventory sitting on U.S. dealer lots that any immediate impact on supply is unlikely, said Ambrose Conroy, chief executive of the consulting firm Seraph.”

Read the full story in The Washinton Post

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