Ambrose Conroy Comments on China Alternatives

Professor of Economics Panos Mourdoukoutas recently interviewed Ambrose Conroy on if India can replace China as the factory of the world. 

Can India replace China as the factory of the world? Not yet. 
“A major barrier to India replacing China as the manufacturing hub of the world is the lack of enforceable contracts and consistent legal standards. Until India adopts reasonable Western standards of law and companies follow through on their agreements, it is unlikely that India will be able to become the leading global manufacturer. It is more likely that other countries such as Africa, Central America, or other Asian countries will emerge as the new centers for low-cost manufacturing.” – Ambrose Conroy

For the full article, please view Why India Cannot Replace China As The ‘Factory Of The World’ from International Business Times. 
Ambrose Conroy is the CEO and Founder of Seraph Consulting. He launched the firm to bring together a collection of top industry talent to help firms take action to improve their operations. Prior to Seraph, Ambrose was the Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions at NAI Global. At PA Consulting, Ambrose Led the West Coast Global Business Transformation Group where he supported clients in due diligence, crisis management and strategic business transformation

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December 23, 2022

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