Consultants must provide a positive ROI, quickly.​

May 31, 2021

Companies invest in consultants to develop strategies and provide very high-level recommendations to improve their business performance. Many consultants provide a magnificent presentation summarizing their work and declare success with the assumption that the hiring company will eventually achieve a positive ROI from their work.  Unfortunately, there is a fatal gap between knowing at a high level what needs to be done, knowing how to do it, and doing it.  In fact, a lot of times the “how” is much harder to figure out and vastly more important to clients for ultimately attaining real ROI.  Like with any investment, you should expect a positive ROI, quickly, not eventually.

Seraph is known for being hands-on and implementing change – not just suggesting what to do. Seraph is 100% focused on implementing required changes and providing for a positive ROI, very quickly.  It is hard, detailed work, and we are able to reduce our clients’ risk and uncertainty.   

Seraph has a strong track record of providing high ROI, with very quick payback, for clients in multiple industries.


About Seraph 

A global enterprise consulting firm that partners with business leaders to handle their most complex problems in areas such as supply chain, operations, and manufacturing challenges while delivering long-term operational and leadership improvements. Seraph has extensive on-site industry experience in the automotive, private equity, defense, medical device, electronics, energy infrastructure, and engineering sectors. The Seraph leadership team brings vast expertise across; crisis management, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, restructuring, turn-around services, product launches, and logistics. Our four-phase process has been proven to provide quick payback and positive ROI, which is measured throughout customer engagement. Learn more at and follow Seraph on LinkedIn.

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