Doug McCormick of HCI Equity – Investing in human capital, consolidating fragmented markets & leading teams

February 24, 2023

Doug McCormick is a Managing Partner at HCI Equity Partners, a lower Middle Market Private Equity Firm targeting growth-oriented, independently owned manufacturing, service and distribution companies. He joined the firm in 1999, and oversees investment origination, management, and development.

In this podcast episode, Doug shares his perspective on building industrial businesses through private equity.

“We have an intensive engagement model, and our aim is to work closely with our teams to drive critical initiatives. It’s almost like being a co-pilot; we agree on the game plan, identify three or four key opportunities, and leverage each other’s capabilities to get the job done. As the saying goes, we’re changing the wheels on the car while it’s still moving. We’re still running the business, serving our customers, and managing employees. The key is to create the capacity and bring in the skill sets to make it happen.”

Doug McCormick

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, HCI Equity

In this episode, we’ll discuss:
  • HCI Equity Partners’ innovative investment strategy and its impact on business growth
  • The importance of leveraging the operations team to improve the portfolio
  • Doug McCormick’s military background and the differences between leading in the service and business
  • How owners considering selling should vet their private equity partner
  • HCI’s three-pronged approach for transforming companies into industry leaders
  • Short-term and long-term trends accelerated by the pandemic and their implications for businesses
  • Applicable lessons learned from Doug’s career
  • His personal finance book Family Inc. 

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