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December 4, 2023

The Operational Excellence Awards did not disappoint. These automotive suppliers, despite how busy they were, saw the value in applying for the 2023 Operational Excellence Awards. These organizations wanted to give recognition where it was most deserved. To their hard-working teams!

 Hear from Last Year’s Winners in the Value in Applying for the Operational Excellence Awards 

  • The awards process was perceived as valuable to their entire team. 
  • The on-site plant assessment was well worth their time, it validated what they were doing well and/or gave suggested areas for improvement. 
  • Our judges brought value to the process. Everyone possesses deep expertise in automotive manufacturing. Receiving their stamp of approval meant they were doing great things. 
  • The awards ceremony was elegant. It provided great networking. Their teams were so proud to be involved.
  • All award winners celebrated their accomplishments with their teams, and it boosted employee morale.
  • The press kit provided for all winners made it easy for them to promote their accomplishments.

Who Should Apply:  

Automotive Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, including automotive aftermarket manufactures, that have a plant(s) operation in North America that are achieving great things in one of 4 areas: operations, logistics, human resources, and quality. Each plant applying is a single application, so multiple applications from the same organization can apply.  

Plants that are interested in applying should be achieving 80% OEE.


Applications are being accepted December 4 – March 8, 2024.

It’s absolutely free to apply….with tremendous upside in being selected for an award.  


Apply today:  2024 Operational Excellence Awards visit our website. 

About Seraph 

A global enterprise consulting firm that partners with business leaders to handle their most complex problems in areas such as supply chain, operations, and manufacturing challenges while delivering long-term operational and leadership improvements. Seraph has extensive on-site industry experience in the automotive, private equity, defense, medical device, electronics, energy infrastructure, and engineering sectors. The Seraph leadership team brings vast expertise across; crisis management, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, restructuring, turn-around services, product launches, and logistics. Our four-phase process has been proven to provide quick payback and positive ROI, which is measured throughout customer engagement. Learn more at and follow Seraph on LinkedIn.

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Winning starts at the on-site assessment!

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