Hear from our team this Women’s Day!

March 8, 2024

Seraph takes immense pride in the daily achievements and collaborative efforts of our team and clients. This success is made possible by a group of exceptionally talented professionals and inspiring personalities who make up our team.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we shine a spotlight on some of the remarkable women within our team, sharing insights from some of them. We’ve asked about their experiences in the automotive/manufacturing industry and their broader career journeys. See their answers below:


Leslie Bednarz

VP of Business Development

How important has having other women to get inspired by been for you?

 It’s been so important having automotive women leaders to not only look up to but also work with throughout my career.  Women who understand, empathize with, encourage & support other women is so meaningful and powerful in the automotive industry. Great women leaders help cultivate a culture of ‘belonging’ for us all.

Amy Kroll

HR Director

What is your favorite part of working in manufacturing? 

My favorite part of manufacturing is being part of a leadership team that is motivated and driven to make a positive impact to a struggling plant.  It is exciting how quickly positive changes can occur, when you have the right team in place.  It not only impacts the leadership team but everyone within the facility.  

Tracy Guschewski

Executive Assistant

What challenges do women face in this industry, and what advice can you give them?

As a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, it is important to find your own voice and understand the leader you are aspiring to be.  There will be days that ‘holding people accountable’ will be described as pushy; or ‘asking the necessary questions’ will be perceived as intimidating; but in the end, as a woman at the table, say what you’re thinking out loud and with intention.   Be brave, be bold, be heard!

Meghan Ligon

Sales Coordinator / Analyst

What advice would you give to other women interested in pursuing a career in automotive/manufacturing?

The automotive and manufacturing industries have traditionally been male-dominated, but don’t let that discourage you. Focus on your abilities and the value you bring to the table, regardless of gender stereotypes. It is important to look for mentors and role models, both male and female, who can provide valuable guidance and support as you progress in your career.

Jennifer Sullivan

Senior Consultant

What is your favorite part of working in manufacturing?

There is never a dull moment and always a new challenge. Identifying an opportunity to improve, developing a strategy to achieve that goal, and seeing it through to fruition gives a tremendous sense of accomplishment.  Of course, as anyone in manufacturing knows, those opportunities never stop coming.  Even the best can always be better.

What advice would you give to other women interested in pursuing a career in automotive/manufacturing?

Automotive and manufacturing careers bring fulfillment to those who enjoy a challenge. Problem solvers and doers will love the pace and opportunity to do what they do best, find resolutions, and look for the next opportunity to improve. Like many careers, manufacturing requires continuous learning and openness to new ideas.  Stagnation not only slows career development but defeats the whole purpose of pursuing a career in manufacturing.  Getting entry-level roles may not be as challenging as moving beyond them.  Seek out those like-minded colleagues and managers and learn from them.  Look for opportunities to expand your knowledge (and work on your EI) by joining problem-solving teams and new projects.  If getting on those teams proves difficult, reach out to those leaders and managers to find out what you need to do/learn to be the next chosen.  Always look for opportunities to improve both the workplace and yourself.

Alexandra Lipsky


How important has having other women to get inspired by been for you?

Breaking into the traditionally male-dominated automotive and manufacturing scene can be quite daunting for young women. However, witnessing women in leadership roles is not only inspiring but also encouraging. These trailblazing women often go above and beyond to earn respect, fostering a hardworking atmosphere and introducing fresh perspectives and strategies. Personally, I feel privileged to learn from strong, independent, and dedicated women daily at Seraph and within our client base. I am so excited to learn and grow from, and one day join this new wave of women leaders shaping the fast-paced world of automotive and manufacturing. Happy International Women’s Day!


Leticia Santos

Communication Coordinator

What unique elements do women bring to the automotive/manufacturing sector?

Women bring diverse perspectives to any sector, enhancing collaboration, attention to detail, and a people-centric focus. I believe that our overall communication skills can differ from others, and are crucial to fostering a more inclusive, creative, and innovative industry. The women I’ve worked with were great leaders with the talent to consistently delve deeper into situations, finding opportunities within details for improvement and fostering creative problem-solving.

Lisa DiFalco

Brand Strategist

How important has having other women to get inspired by been for you?

There have been a handful of women that I’ve had the privilege to work with throughout my career that I’ve learned a great deal from. They demonstrated what it took to be of value to our clients. They pushed me to be better in the areas I was deficient. These women made me a more well-rounded employee.


Briana Cavanaugh

Office Manager/HR Assistant

It’s been rewarding to witness the growth and development of the Seraph team. I’ve seen the addition of many strong and inspiring women, who bring new and unique perspectives to our company and the industries we’re involved with. I am grateful to be a part this team that recognizes and empowers everyone’s individual strengths and contributions. Through mentoring, training, and collaborating we are instilled the confidence to conquer new spaces, regardless of gender identity. This is especially wonderful as these spaces have historically been so male dominated. I am excited to see how these industries will continue to grow in diversity over time, and it feels good to know I’m part of something that is directly contributing to these changes. 

Our pride in celebrating the women at Seraph extends beyond this special day, acknowledging the ongoing contributions of our team, clients, and all the women who support our business in various capacities.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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