Inc.: China’s Economic Woes Are Impacting Small Businesses

China’s economic challenges are impacting global supply chains, causing concerns for businesses that rely on it for manufacturing. Factors such as labor shortages, production delays, increased demand, and ongoing lockdowns in China have disrupted supply chains since 2020. This has led to rising prices and longer lead times for many products.

China faces economic challenges, including higher wages for factory workers, a trade war with the U.S., and record-high youth unemployment. President Biden has referred to China as a “ticking time bomb.”

Businesses are advised to:

  1. Understand the issues at play, including rising labor costs, labor shortages, and the trade war’s impact on sourcing from China.
  2. Consider diversifying their manufacturing and sourcing from countries like India, Vietnam, and Mexico, though diversification can introduce complexities and potential quality concerns.
  3. Focus on customer satisfaction and delivering products despite supply chain challenges. Some businesses are adjusting their cash flow strategies and working closely with customers to plan for supply chain disruptions.
  4. If necessary, raise prices but offer higher-quality products to maintain customer loyalty.
  5. Start planning for supply chain diversification and building relationships with alternative suppliers to mitigate risks.

The evolving situation in China requires businesses to adapt and find creative solutions to maintain their supply chains and customer satisfaction.


For further insights on China’s economic woes are impacting small businesses and recommendations from Seraph’s founder and CEO Ambrose Conroy, you can refer to the Inc. piece following the link below. 


September 13, 2023

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