Intern spotlight: Visual inventory management crisis

August 2, 2019

One of our interns shares the highlights of one of his summer projects with an automotive client.


A tier-one automotive supplier was having trouble accurately tracking inventory of their powertrain sensors (PTS) as well as their powertrain sensor holders. When we arrived, these parts were being stored in a warehouse away from the assembly line.

Operators would come retrieve the necessary parts as needed without properly documenting the outflow of these parts. Due to the lack of accurate inventory, the parts were being overproduced and stored in excessive quantities in the warehouse. I was tasked to correct this issue alongside a senior consultant.


After analyzing the situation, we determined the best course of action would be to implement a visual inventory management system. To complete this project, inventory racks were to be built and labeled properly with the inventory being transferred from the warehouse to the new flow rack location within the new system.

Using statistical analysis studies to determine the frequency of use for each PTS variant, we allocated rack space according to forecasted demand.

Operators were educated about the new inventory system and how to properly document the inventory outflow so that the parts were not overproduced upstream. Once the racks were complete, they were then moved near the assembly line so that the operators could retrieve the parts as needed.


With the changes properly trained upon, we observed the process and handled minor kinks with the new visual inventory management system.

With inventory accuracy ensured, the PTS production team saw immediate benefits as they were able to reduce production quantities.

Operators were supplied the necessary parts as needed, resulting in a reduced lead time for PTS sensor and holder installations. Production staff who kitted these parts also benefitted as they had the correct quantity of parts needed as well as an identifiable inventory location.


This was an extremely beneficial project for me to partake in alongside a senior consultant as I saw the benefits of a visual inventory management system in a multitude of ways. This project exposed me to real world problems in the automotive industry while giving me another tool to potentially use throughout my career.

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