Manufacturing excellence leadership program: GET TO KNOW THE 2024 WINNERS

March 25, 2024

Seraph is excited to announce the students that have been selected to take part in the “Manufacturing Excellence Leadership Program.”

This program is designed for students aspiring to pursue careers in manufacturing who wish to explore the automotive industry’s offerings.

 “Our aim is to nurture the next generation of manufacturing and operational excellence leaders through an immersive, hands-on externship experience that exposes students to top operational companies.”  Thomas Kowal, President of Seraph North America  

Four outstanding students have been selected to receive the Seraph Manufacturing Excellence Leadership Program! Each student was graded based on their professional credentials including an example of work that they completed that demonstrated their knowledge of or passion towards working in the automotive industry. Their dedication and exceptional contributions have truly set them apart ~

Kirin Raval

University of Michigan

Industrial and Operations Engineering with a Minor in International Studies, 2026

“Manufacturing is a great intersection between technological innovations and human creativity since it is inherently problem solving oriented (…) This constantly growing field requires adaptive and creative thinking that I believe that I have and it will keep me engaged while working.”

Alec Cousino

Wayne State University

Global Supply Chain Management and Psychology, Honors, 2025

“While I enjoy the complexities and sleekness of cars themselves, the deep-rooted ecosystem of interconnected suppliers exchanging technologies and products is what really enamored me.”

Mariana Flores Cantu

Michigan State University

Supply Chain Management Minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies, 2025

“As I take these steps towards a future where supply chain management is even more innovative. even more impactful, and even more revolutionary, I hope that it will pave the way for others to not only take a single step forward, but thousands of them.”

Redford Hudson

UC Irvine

Data Science, 2024

“I am a data scientist enchanted by the world of manufacturing, and my calling is to build the next wave of smart manufacturing solutions.”

What each student will receive:

  • $1,000 scholarship.
  • On-site plant assessment experience and an all-expenses-paid trip.
  • 1-1 meeting with Seraph Leadership.
  • Attend the Seraph Operational Excellence Awards Ceremony, held on June 6, 2024, at Chroma in Detroit, where they will be able to network with Automotive/Manufacturing experts.
Congratulations to our Winners:

While applications are closed, you can still learn more about this incredible initiative at

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