Operational Planning and Production Key To US EV Success

January 23, 2023

Automotive World recently interviewed Thomas Kowal on the operational hurdles to get to mass electric vehicle (EV) adoption. Read the full article.

EVs are expected to be a double-digit growth opportunity for original equipment manufacturers OEMs for the coming years. However, the shift towards EVs presents a number of new challenges. Thomas Kowal, President of consulting firm Seraph, believes that competition and technology are driving the transformation in the US EV market. Kowal points out that the transition to EVs is causing a “portfolio-planning challenge” for OEMs and adds an extra layer of complexity to their operations. He identifies five key obstacles to the success of EVs: customer acceptance, charging infrastructure, chip shortages, battery shortages, and reliance on rare earth materials.

For the full article, please view “Operational planning and production key to US EV success” from Automotive World.
Thomas Kowal is President of Seraph  and leads the day to day operations of the firm. Kowal has almost 20 years of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry, and previously served as a Plant Manager at Brose and NA Sales Director for Automotive Lighting and TI Automotive. He holds a Bachelor of Aviation Science and Administration from Western Michigan University and a Master of Science degree from Northwestern University, and has completed the Transition to General Management program at the INSEAD Institute.

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About Seraph 

A global enterprise consulting firm that partners with business leaders to handle their most complex problems in areas such as supply chain, operations, and manufacturing challenges while delivering long-term operational and leadership improvements. Seraph has extensive on-site industry experience in the automotive, private equity, defense, medical device, electronics, energy infrastructure, and engineering sectors. The Seraph leadership team brings vast expertise across; crisis management, mergers, acquisitions, due diligence, restructuring, turn-around services, product launches, and logistics. Our four-phase process has been proven to provide quick payback and positive ROI, which is measured throughout customer engagement. Learn more at www.seraph.com and follow Seraph on LinkedIn.

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