Q2 2023 Industry Report North America & Europe: “EV, Not So fast. Challenges on the road Ahead: MACCE (Manpower, Agility, China, Costs, EV)”

August 29, 2023

While the race to rebuild the automotive industry is still underway, significant industry-wide challenges continue to obstruct efforts to reach pre-pandemic numbers. Our previous report focused on North America. Due to Seraph’s expanding presence in Europe, we have incorporated the region into our industry surveys and research.

Rapid changes in the automotive industry compel both OEMs and Suppliers to evolve. Manpower challenges have been significant since the pandemic, and OEMs must now prepare for the pending UAW strike. Industry-wide strides have been made to shift the focus from ICE to EVs, while approaches to shifting China exposure are still mixed. Another shared concern between OEMs and Suppliers is the cost and availability of materials, a direct result of rapid inflation and variable demand.

At Seraph, we often find that during times of intense rapid change, organizations tend to overlook foundational operational principles crucial to long-term success and stability. Taking a step back to focus on these neglected basics is essential for maintaining stable operations, increasing efficiency, and enhancing profitability.

Our NA and EU automotive report explores some of the biggest challenges faced by both OEMs and Suppliers in Q2. It presents data on industry performance and how leaders are addressing these challenges. 

We hope this report proves valuable for you and your company and welcome any feedback for future improvements.

Seraph is pleased to share the first webinar of our quarterly industry report—an insightful discussion about the prevailing trends shaping the automotive sector. During this webinar, Seraph’s Presidents for North America and Europe will provide an outline of the report, accompanied by engaging interactions with fellow leaders who participated in the discussion.


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