Sam Simon of Simon Group Holdings: Leadership, Culture, and Talent for Operational Excellence

Sam Simon is the Founder and Chairman of Simon Group Holdings (SGH), which he formed in 1985 with the founding of Atlas Oil Company, headquartered in Taylor, Michigan.

Simon Group Holdings, directly and through its subsidiaries, has interests in and is an active investment manager within the following sectors: Commercial Fuel Supply and Distribution; Oil Field Services; Logistics and Transportation; Commercial and Residential Real Estate; Aviation; Technology SaaS; and Insurance Solutions. The SGH Investment Management Team has active investments throughout the capital stack including: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Mezzanine, and Senior Debt. SGH has over 1,000 team members among its family of companies.

In this podcast episode, Sam shares the important key factors (leadership, talent, culture) to succeed in the manufacturing industry.

“I love people who have passion. I don’t care if you’re a truck driver, biller, tax person, or a salesperson. We take our time to make sure we hire the right people from the beginning and always make sure our team has the proper tools, so they know what they’re going to get into. I’m a big believer that it all starts with people. If you have good people, you have a good culture, and then you can continue to grow.” 

Sam Simon

Founder and Chairman, Simon Group Holdings

In this episode, we’ll discuss:
  • Unlocking the power of company values: how they shape your culture and drive business success
  • Leading from the field: the power of hands-on management
  • Building a winning team: tips and strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in manufacturing

“Your meetings should be in the field. Your meeting should be with the team. Your meeting should not be just sitting on the desk in the office. And then, so majority of opportunities, or issues or areas that you need to fix, it’s all in the field. So I go to the field, that’s how I get my best ideas.” – Sam Simon

Building a strong team and keeping good people starts with establishing a culture centered on doing the right thing. Atlas Oil’s 6 core values:

    • Passion
    • Collaborative Innovation
    • Pride and Image
    • Customer Focus
    • Solution Driven
    • Do the Right Thing
March 21, 2023

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