Scripps News Tonight: UAW Strike Impacts on Automakers

At the stroke of midnight last Friday (9/15), the United Auto Workers union initiated the strike against the prominent Detroit automakers. This labor action saw employees cease their work at three manufacturing facilities situated in the United States.

The UAW contract with the three major automakers Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis was set to expire on September 14, and demanded significant changes, including a substantial wage increase and a shorter workweek. Counteroffers from the automakers have been criticized by the UAW.

These plants, strategically situated in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri, play a pivotal role in the production of some of the most popular vehicles under the banners of all three automotive giants.

For further insights on what a UAW strike could mean for the automakers and the automotive industry along with comments from Seraph’s founder and CEO Ambrose Conroy, you can refer to the Scripps News Tonight interview following the link below. 


September 18, 2023

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