Scripps News Tonight: What’s the risk of buying a car during the UAW strike?

September 18, 2023

The looming UAW strike threatens to significantly disrupt the customary ease and satisfaction Americans experience when purchasing cars.

Anticipate a scenario marked by reduced choices, diminished dealer incentives, and escalating prices should the strike materialize. Despite the Big Three automakers currently boasting ample inventory, an extended strike could perturb the supply chain, resulting in price hikes, even for pre-owned vehicles.

Moreover, foreign automakers may be compelled to follow suit by raising their prices and reducing incentives due to heightened market demand. Furthermore, the availability of car parts might suffer delays.

To navigate this challenging landscape, industry experts recommend swift action, a willingness to consider more flexible vehicle models, and readiness for enduring price and supply repercussions even after the strike’s resolution. In essence, consumers must choose between prompt action or practicing patience when confronted with potential disruptions in the auto industry.

For further insights on what a UAW strike could mean for your ability to find a car to buy and comments from Seraph’s founder and CEO Ambrose Conroy, you can refer to the Scripps News Tonight piece following the link below. 


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