TechTarget/SearchEnterpriseAI – Will autonomous vehicles transform the supply chain?

In an interview with TechTarget contributor Mary K. Pratt, Seraph founder and CEO Ambrose Conroy noted: Despite such assessments, supply chains throughout industry verticals need transformation according to Ambrose Conroy, CEO of strategic consulting firm Seraph. “We’re going to have to do things differently in the coming decade,” he said.

Conroy thinks autonomous vehicles are needed to ease the labor shortage as well as eliminate tedious, and oftentimes dangerous, work. They’re also needed to boost efficiencies and speed up the movement of goods to meet consumer expectations with faster response times.

…Organizations will need to implement and scale the infrastructure needed to support autonomous vehicles, including skilled technologists who build, deploy and maintain it. That’s a tall order for many, Conroy said, adding that many organizations will struggle to find and fund what they need to bring autonomous vehicles into their supply chains.

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November 30, 2021

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