Seraph Founder Ambrose Conroy in Motor Trend on Battery Supply Chain

Seraph’s founder Ambrose Conroy was featured in Motor Trend discussing the challenges of the EV battery supply chain.

Excerpt on traceability:

“A battery passport aims to track key information about a battery through its life cycle, including material provenance, manufacturing history, usage data, and more,” Conroy said. “The goals are to enable battery recycling, ensure responsible sourcing, and maintain safety standards.”… However, Conroy cautions that it could make already expensive batteries even pricier. “Supply chain teams aren’t ready for any of it right now,” he said. “If this adds more red tape, it will drive up costs. If battery passports become a proactive way to fend off sustainability issues, that will be great. If it becomes a reactive approach, supply chains and launch timelines will be disrupted and the EV adoption curve will move out.”

April 26, 2024

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