Winning starts at the on-site assessment!

The value of applying to the Seraph Operational Excellence Awards begins before winning a trophy; it starts with the on-site assessment! Our objective is to equip your company with tools for the rapid identification of both areas of excellence and potential improvements. A well-functioning plant reflects strong leadership, making the onsite assessment a tool for your leaders to acknowledge and celebrate different levels of your organization.

Deep expertise

Seraph boasts extensive expertise in conducting on-site assessments through years of global experience across various facilities. Our assessments are conducted by our specialized consultants that have gathered invaluable experience serving as plant managers at some of the world’s largest suppliers and OEMs. Their hands-on knowledge enables swift and precise identification of best-in-class areas and effective steps for improvement.

Gain Crucial Insight

The Seraph on-site assessment serves as a crucial tool for leaders seeking a high-level understanding of their company’s health, emphasizing the most critical aspects of plant operations. Our approach prioritizes efficiency, concentrating on uncovering vital information within a short timeframe—specifically, one day for the Seraph Operational Excellence Awards (OPEX).

Seraph employs a boots-on-the-ground strategy, thoroughly reviewing the plant layout and production capacity. Our assessments encompass specific facets, including operations, logistics, quality, human resources, program management, maintenance, leadership, and more.

Through visual inspections of the production floor and meaningful conversations with management and operators, our experts gain a deep understanding of your business and operations. The comprehensive report generated can be used for future improvements and for both internal and external promotional purposes.

The Seraph Operational Excellence Awards on-site assessment focuses on key aspects, including:



  • Efficiently manages daily operations and production.
  • Proactively drives continuous improvement actions to resolution.
  • Utilizes a centralized and organized location for production information.
  • Conducts regular daily meetings with all team members.
  • Enhances transparency for critical items.



  • Maintains a robust and up to date PFEP (plan for every part).
  • Monitors inventory levels throughout the value stream.
  • Tracks daily usage of all components.
  • Establishes effective runout dates to prevent shortages for all components (internal and external).
  • Utilizes an effective supplier ordering system, automating material orders, and adheres to regular material ordering cadences.
  • Manages packaging and achieves on-time delivery.


Human Resources:

  • Works to keep low employee turnover.
  • Offers best-in-class employee packages and a favorable work environment.
  • Maintains a commitment to workplace safety.
  • Adheres to robust recruitment practices.
  • Implements training initiatives that foster the development of exceptional employees.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to employee empowerment within the operation.



  • Continuously promotes FTQ (first-time quality) through comprehensive quality documentation and processes, ensuring stable production.
  • Establishes root cause analysis processes to address customer-reported issues.
  • Aligns and manages supplier readiness for PPAP (production part approval process), tool readiness and release, and equipment readiness for production.
  • Regularly assesses the maturity of the supply base using tracked quality metrics.
  • Implements escalation rules for both internal and external quality issues.
  • Maintains requisite certifications and consistently demonstrates daily practices in line with certification requirements.


Who Should Apply:  

Automotive Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, including automotive aftermarket manufactures, that have a plant(s) operation in North America that are achieving great things in one of 4 areas: operations, logistics, human resources, and quality. Each plant applying is a single application, so multiple applications from the same organization can apply.  

Plants that are interested in applying should be achieving 80% OEE.


Applications are being accepted though March 8, 2024.

See how your plant operations stack up against your competitors and be one of the (8) plants that receive a complimentary onsite plant assessment.

It’s absolutely free to apply….with tremendous upside in being selected for an award.  


Apply today:  2024 Operational Excellence Awards visit our website. 

February 8, 2024

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