Operations Consulting Services

Regardless of the industry, businesses will find themselves face-to-face with situations that exceed their capacity to operate. Navigating these circumstances means having access to the right expertise and a playbook of actionable plans.

Operations Methodology and Proven Processes

A plan is only as effective as those executing it. Seraph’s goal in every engagement is to provide lasting value for each of our clients with decisive action. Our playbook focuses on providing actionable solutions, implementation by SMEs, and maximizing the bottom line for successful project completion. 

Dynamic Consulting for Changing Environments

Seraph has the capacity to enter nearly any manufacturing and operations environment and begin productive work on day one. Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual client, but Seraph has years of experience in restructuring & turnaround, M&A, strategy development, relocation & consolidation, project management, and crisis management. Companies around the world have trusted Seraph’s team for innovative solutions and penetrating insight.


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Seraph specializes in advocating for the health and longevity of struggling manufacturing operations. Our extensive playbook of strategies finds positive resolutions for whatever situation your company finds itself in. We focus on stabilizing the situation, sustaining an effective management cadence, and transitioning back to a high-functioning operation.  

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Restructuring turnaround services

Restructuring & Turnaround

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Seraph leads companies through facility footprint optimization, supply chain realignment, inventory days on hand enhancements, manpower calibration and payment term adjustments to restore positive cash flow. 


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Nearly every initiative Seraph is involved, logistics at the forefront of the work that we do. We know the importance of logistics in moving goods from suppliers to manufacturers, sellers to distributors and ultimately buyers. When logistics fails, the supply chain fails. Our team of operations logistics consultants will get your operation running smoothly across all facets of the manufacturing floor.  

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Mergers & Acquisitions

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We apply operations-focused methodologies to our merger and acquisition consulting services. Our rapid assessments fit your deal timeline and reveal red flags to provide unambiguous quantification of risks, allowing you to negotiate with confidence.


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Production.net empowers your team to make sound, timely decisions backed by reliable data. Within a matter of minutes, make real-time reporting accessible to anyone in your organization, configured for any number of production processes. Minimize downtime, pinpoint causes of defects, and anticipate disruptions to your supply chain. 

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Project management services

Project Management

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Seraph has experienced leadership from some of the world’s most prominent suppliers and OEMs. We are skilled at keeping both management and the plant floor engaged and on track. Our consulting services are designed to fit your organization like a glove and to ensure the success of your most ambitious projects.  

Rapid Health Assessment

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Seraph has tremendous experience in performing onsite assessments and audits for different facilities. Seraph offers two different kinds of assessments: a 3-day Assessment and a 1-day Rapid Plant Assessment. Whilst they differ in length, both assessments aim to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their bottom lines and health of their businesses. Our consultants provide a detailed evaluation of the risks involved with the facility of interest and a corresponding written report upon completion. Our clients can choose to implement these changes themselves, or work with Seraph’s team for implementation.

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Relocation consolidation services

Relocation & Consolidation

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Seraph has transferred and consolidated hundreds of production lines without losing a single day’s supply to our clients’ customers. We tailor our approach to highlight and rely on our customers’ strengths and the clarity of their vision. 

Strategy Development

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Whether we are called on to develop a holistic strategy or make an existing one more effective, our specialty is taking complex, challenging situations and distilling them into actionable steps. 

Strategy services

Business Operations Consulting by The Numbers 



26% average efficiency
improvement across
all projects



32% average working
capital improvement from inventory efficiency



6 months average payback period for crisis management services

Why Choose Seraph for Operations Consulting 

Seraph brings decades of experience in senior operating roles at leading manufacturers and suppliers. Composed of subject matter experts in quality, engineering, logistics and management, our agile team is built to bring immediate change under the most challenging circumstances.    

Our experts have the necessary skills to engage from the corporate office to the plant floor with tactful real-world solutions. From new plant construction … to launch ramp-ups … to crisis management … to relocation & consolidation, we possess the skills needed to address the imminent changes impacting suppliers and OEMs. 

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Seraph’s Consulting Experts

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Seraph’s leadership team is made up of former COOs, plant managers, and VPs of Operations in some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers.  Our wealth of expertise comes from years of experience in identifying the root causes of problems and creating actionable plans to restore prompt manufacturing operations and stakeholder confidence.

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Ambrose Conroy
CEO & Founder

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Thomas Kowal
President - North America

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Wade Phillips
President - Europe

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Andrew Powch

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Richard payne e1673376158702 services

Richard Payne
Managing Director

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Jay butler services

Jay Butler
Managing Director

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Brian Fairchild
Director of
Business Development

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Magnus Leiner
VP Sales - Europe

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Amy Kroll
Director of Human

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Justin Fortier

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Get Answers In As Little As One Day With Our Rapid Health Assessment.

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