Logistics is the lifeblood of any manufacturing company.

Logistics Consulting Services 

Logistics is the core of any successful operation and can often be used as the bellwether for overall organizational health. That’s why choosing the right logistics consultant can often have an outsized impact on overall organizational well-being.

Logistics: The Unsung Hero

Logistics is the beating heart of any manufacturing company and can cripple an organization or take it to new heights of productivity and profitability. A surprising number of companies have logistics that are just barely performing well enough to keep the company from losing large accounts. Production and scheduling issues can suddenly appear, and these are often exacerbated by unknown figures like production capacity and inventory costs. Furthermore, struggling supply chains after COVID-19 are causing ripple effects which are felt mostly by the companies least prepared to deal with them.

The most important step for any company dealing with logistics issues is collecting data and measuring KPIs. “What gets measured gets improved” is the guiding principle of logistical improvement. Depending on the source of logistical problems, a tailored solution with varying levels of involvement may be necessary. 

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Our Approach to Logistics Consulting

Seraph uses planning, projection, and organization tools to help manufacturers create seamless logistics operations. 

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Plan For Every Part (PFEP)

Plan For Every Part (PFEP) is a manufacturing resource planning tool that Seraph uses to help organizations optimize their production process. This is done by identifying and tracking every component, tool, and resource needed to complete a product. Our goal is to help manufacturers understand their production process, lead times, and inventory levels required for each component. This is crucial for streamlining the production process, reducing waste, and results in cost savings and increased efficiency. 

Machine Capacity 

Machine underutilization or overutilization can be equally problematic especially when other crucial KPIs like customer demand and inaccurate data are added into the mix. Bottlenecks and breakdowns can occur at the worst times if machine capacity and maintenance scheduling aren’t informed by the right data. Seraph helps companies schedule production and synchronize schedules with OEM demand to help eliminate downtime and bottlenecks. 

Material Planning 

Material planning is crucial for ensuring sufficient throughput in any plant. Upstream suppliers can experience delays which ultimately affect Tier 1’s and OEMs. To mitigate these issues, Seraph helps manufacturers plan inbound material logistics and inventory maintain production capacity no matter the situation.  

Why Choose Seraph for
Logistics Consulting Services

Seraph is in the unique position of understanding all roles from the floor worker to the board of directors and consequently can provide unique insights into problems and solutions. Additionally, we don’t just limit ourselves to logistics, we are fully engaged with input and output quality, and operations. 

Seraph understands the full picture of logistical issues whether they are viewed through the corporate financial lens or the plant-level production scheduling and material planning.

Case Studies

Find out more about the companies who trusted Seraph to write their success stories.

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

INDUSTRY: AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES: Logistics; project  management;  Situation. An Automotive Just in Sequence plant was struggling with capacity constraints and quality issues producing seats as the OEM launched two new programs causing the production model to change from...

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Logistics Consulting Impact Numbers

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average working capital improvement from inventory efficiency


typical improvement in availability for struggling facilities


decrease in footprint, often allowing for the closure of external warehouses

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Seraph’s Consulting Experts

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Seraph’s leadership team is made up of former COOs, plant managers, and VPs of Operations in some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers.  Our wealth of expertise comes from years of experience in identifying the root causes of problems and creating actionable plans to restore prompt manufacturing operations and stakeholder confidence.

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