Relocation and Consolidation Consulting Services

Relocation and Consolidation projects are complex and require precise planning to avoid manufacturing shutdowns and can often exceed internal capabilities and bandwidth. 

Overcoming Relocation Challenges

Relocation and Consolidation projects can easily exceed the internal capabilities and bandwidth of the team. These operations are complex and require precise planning to avoid manufacturing shutdowns. With the use of our proprietary management system, Seraph has a proven track record of seamless relocation and consolidation management services.  

Few companies are fully resourced to handle the scope and scale of consolidating or relocating a plant. These projects often appear to be going well, until it’s time to start moving product lines and cells to begin manufacturing the product. By then, the only path to recovery is often to spend unbudgeted money. Internal project managers nominated for these projects are typically quite capable but are unfortunately stretched thin across a wide range of responsibilities.

While these projects tend to bring complications, they are also on the rise as companies re-evaluate the risks of the global supply chain and look for ways to regionalize. Automakers, for example, will be looking to consolidate in order to free up cash flow for electric vehicle development. Failing to execute these high-level strategic goals can lead to weeks of lost production and serious cash flow challenges.

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Our Approach to Relocation and Consolidation

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As a corporate relocation company, Seraph has a proven track record of driving the rapid consolidation of complex operations across international boundaries. We look for strategies to improve the cost base at the new plant by optimizing production lines before they are relocated. Our support begins through the development of a network model and associated analyses to understand which facilities should be consolidated.

Our support can begin once a clear strategy is defined. A key part of the process is reviewing the business case our clients have developed for the project, to ensure objectives can be attained.

Why Choose Seraph for Relocation and Consolidation Consulting Services

Seraph has transferred hundreds of production lines without losing a single day’s supply to our clients’ customers. We’ve refined the 4-stage MOVE Methodology (Align, Plan, Execute, Close) which allows us to reliably support clients through successful relocations.

We use a steering committee coupled with designated functional leaders to manage across horizontal process work streams and vertical product workstreams. This approach allows for the capture of essential tribal knowledge, which in turn allows us to tailor our strategy around the strengths of our client’s enterprise and the clarity of their vision.

Case Studies

Find out more about the companies who trusted Seraph to write their success stories.

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

INDUSTRY: AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES: Logistics; project  management;  Situation. An Automotive Just in Sequence plant was struggling with capacity constraints and quality issues producing seats as the OEM launched two new programs causing the production model to change from...

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Our relocation and Consolidation
services support:

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Manufacturing plant moves

Tool moves

Manufacturing line moves

Supply chain regionalization

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Relocation & Consolidation Impact Numbers

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of relocations completed without interrupting supply to customers


average improvement in operational efficiency

12 months

average payback period for relocation and consolidation projects

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Seraph’s Consulting Experts

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Seraph’s leadership team is made up of former COOs, plant managers, and VPs of Operations in some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers.  Our wealth of expertise comes from years of experience in identifying the root causes of problems and creating actionable plans to restore prompt manufacturing operations and stakeholder confidence.

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