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Strategy plays a crucial role in setting the stage for success across all aspects of a company’s operations. It is not enough for strategies to simply look good on paper – they must also be able to drive real-life results in areas requiring measurable improvement.

Transforming Strategy into Results

There is a lot of noise that frequently surrounds strategy in ad-hoc meetings. As soon as meetings are finished, the strategy is often placed on the back burner due to lack of defined actions or accountability. Seraph helps companies design high-definition operational strategies that are both resilient and actionable. While improving operations remains a priority, initiatives from strategy consultants often lack the focus required to realize the bigger picture. 

For any strategy to matter, it has to increase revenue or reduce costs – not just on paper, but in real life. Some consultants spend their entire careers in conference rooms, assembling presentations that end up buried on hard drives without driving any actual results.

All too many strategic initiatives are loosely defined, underdeveloped, and fail to address the crucial question of how to implement. Without a comprehensive action plan, even the most meticulously constructed strategies will fail. 

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Our Approach to Strategy Consulting 

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Seraph helps companies craft resilient operational strategies focused on creating greater efficiency. In the face of technological and financial change, we can provide a seasoned, objective perspective on the future of your business. Our engagement managers bring COO-level experience to your most difficult challenges. We innovate strategies across all stages of development, including product launches, due diligence for acquisitions and spinouts, footprint rationalization, expansion, and retooling supply chains. Most importantly, every strategy delivered comes with a concrete action plan to make it happen. 


Our resources are deployed to push your strategy from a slide show to the shop floor, filling gaps with world-class practices built upon decades of experience. We work with management teams, boards and private equity owners to realize operational strategies quickly and effectively. We manage projects, facilitate training, and drive the changes needed to meet your benchmarks and execute on time and on budget. Never losing sight of the end goal, we plan and organize to carry out changes to products, facility footprints, and management structures in parallel to sustain current revenues and navigate seamless transitions.


In the course of operations, it is common to experience a widening gap between initial strategy and the reality of daily operations. Knowing what needs to be done, and how it should be accomplished, are two different things. As management and leadership rotates through, cultures shift and logistical challenges appear, performance benchmarks can quickly become a moving target. Seraph’s operational leadership and tactical experts provide the additional support and perspective needed to bring your strategy back on track.

Why Choose Seraph for Strategy Consulting Services

Through critical junctures and necessary course corrections, Seraph provides support and expertise every step of the way. As operators, our strategy consulting work is always focused on execution.

Whether we are called on to develop a holistic strategy or make an existing one more effective, our strength lies in taking complex, messy situations and distilling them into simple, actionable steps. By establishing this clarity up front, we are able to lay the foundation for measurable progress toward achievable rallying points.

Case Studies

Find out more about the companies who trusted Seraph to write their success stories.

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

Case Study – Seat Supplier Success Story

INDUSTRY: AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES: Logistics; project  management;  Situation. An Automotive Just in Sequence plant was struggling with capacity constraints and quality issues producing seats as the OEM launched two new programs causing the production model to change from...

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Confidently move through critical junctures using a data-driven strategy and an achievable plan.

Augment key staff with coaching, guidance and tactics, allowing them to grow into leadership positions.

Translate profitable strategies into real-world results.

Realize your operational objectives.
Initiate culture transformation, laying a foundation for continuous improvement.
Free up your leadership teams to work proactively and anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

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Strategy Consulting Impact Numbers

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of the world’s largest manufacturers supported

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Seraph’s Consulting Experts

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Seraph’s leadership team is made up of former COOs, plant managers, and VPs of Operations in some of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers.  Our wealth of expertise comes from years of experience in identifying the root causes of problems and creating actionable plans to restore prompt manufacturing operations and stakeholder confidence.

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