Our engineering focus is to support companies with research and development efficiency and manufacturing network rationalization. We have found that applying expertise from automotive, energy, and medical device companies to other manufacturers yields solid results and can be the basis to challenge thinking that management believes is holding the company back.

Our research and development efficiency work generally yields 20-30% increase in productivity.

Our skills with relocations and consolidations were developed in automotive, energy, and medical device companies where we successfully transferred many manufacturing operations domestically and globally without losing a single day of customer supply.

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Case Study
‘Lighthouse’ Operational Improvement

Seraph was engaged by two OEMs to simultaneously improve a Supplier’s operations and improve material flow. The plant operation was being supported onsite by both OEMs in … logistics and quality functions. There was a nee.. for the Supplier to have their own support onsite to conduct day- to- day operations and to develop a “lighthouse,” or pilot area of improvements within the plant. The “lighthouse” goal was to demonstrate stabilization within logistics and quality functions with the Supplier’s resources.